Employee Spotlight: Brett Thompson

Employee Spotlight: Brett Thompson

At Rapid Power Management, we realize that it’s our employees who truly make our business “work.” Without the combined talents and skills of our team members, RPM would not be the company it is today.  Considering this, we’d like to take a few moments to introduce you to a few of the folks that make up the RPM family.

So, without further ado, here’s some information about Brett Thompson, one of our Energy Managers:

brett thompson

Fast Facts

■ Joined RPM in June of 2015.

■ Attended Texas State University and earned a BBA in Economics.

■ Worked in the customer service and hospitality industries before coming aboard at RPM.

Fun Facts

■ Has trouble resisting the allure of restaurant appetizers (especially queso).

■ Afraid of bees.

■ Plays competitive softball on Thursday nights.

■ Often says “Indeed” while channeling Omar Little from HBO’s The Wire.

■ Can play the piano and juggle (just not at the same time).

Inquiring Minds Want to Know…

■How do you define “success”?

“I think that true success is in the eye of the beholder. For me, some of it is reflected in the amount of deals, sales, and goals that you make. The majority of your ‘success,’ though, can be measured by the number of friendships and relationships that you create in both your business life and personal life.”

■What do you think is the most important innovation that you’ve witnessed in your lifetime?

“[The invention of] Google and smart phones. I don’t understand how anything productive got done before 1998. #Millennial #Success #Wow.”

■What does “leadership” mean to you? What are the characteristic of a good leader?

“Leaders set an example for people to follow. They do this by demonstrating great qualities of character that others can strive for and aspire to. Effective leadership often results in success [for the whole team].”

■What are your hopes for the future of the energy industry?

“I hope that we can one day see total deregulation across all 50 states. Opening up markets to competition and choice could save companies millions—maybe even billions—of dollars in energy costs.”

■What three words would you choose to describe Rapid Power Management?

“Professional. Intelligent. Innovative.”


For more information about Brett (and the rest of the Rapid Power Management team), please visit our Staff page. And to learn about how RPM can help your business save money and optimize its power usage, contact us today!

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