Inside Rapid Power Management’s New Mural

Inside Rapid Power Management’s New Mural

A group of capacitor cans.  A pair of technicians studying their work.  A row of LED lights illuminating a narrow corridor. And the kind, smiling face of an elderly woman. These are some of the images that dominate the brand-new mural featured in our Dallas office. At first blush, the meanings of some of the pictures are obvious (like the wind turbines and the company logo in the bottom-right corner), while others are slightly more obscure (like the term “SB7” in block letters or the elderly woman). When viewed as a statement piece, however, the mural represents Rapid Power Management—who we are, where we came from, and what we stand for.

Each image tells a tiny part of our company’s story. It was a difficult task to condense 15 years of business into a few pictures, but the mural manages to do so, anyway:

  • SB7 is a common abbreviation for Senate Bill 7, a piece of legislation passed by the state of Texas in 1999. SB7 stated that the electric power market was to be deregulated by 2002, an act which would open up the industry to an unprecedented level of consumer choice and provider competition. Buyers suddenly had dozens of new options for their retail electricity contracts, and going with one plan or another could cost (or save) large company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Businesses needed a source for honest, practical information about their options and help in selecting the right contract. Rapid Power Management was established to fill this niche through Energy Brokering Services.
  • The Capacitor Cans depict an old piece of technology (invented in 1917) that’s still in use today. Despite their prevalence, though, they are something that only a handful of companies in the United States actually know the technical aptitude to install correctly. Rapid Power Management’s expertise and ability in providing turn-key Power Factor Correction Solutions has allowed us to land nation-wide contracts with big-name companies like Walmart and Georgia Pacific.
  • The Two Technicians are shown servicing a medium voltage power unit in a factory setting. Although these units require occasional maintenance and repair to continue working correctly, few power companies offer this service. Power Factor Maintenance Program allows these units to keep functioning in a safe, efficient manner, ultimately saving our clients substantial amounts of money.
  • The LED-lit Aisle represents our commitment to add services that reduce energy spend for our clients.  Back in 2005, our consultative approach led to trust with a client and asking us to handle their over 400 fixture lighting upgrade. Today we are in the midst of what the industry calls “The LED Revolution.” The revolution has to do with the technology being so advanced vs any previous technology. These revolutionary benefits include up to 80% reduction in energy consumption, delivering more illumination, better quality lighting at no maintenance costs. It isn’t if a facility will incorporate LED Lighting Solutionit’s when. Universal Air Conditioning took this smart jump as depicted in the picture of the LED fixtures installed in their warehouse.
  • Other services that are not depicted are part of our passion to build smart energy users are Tax Exemption Studies & Power Quality Services.

Speaking of “values,” the mural does not simply consist of abstract symbols and subtle imagery. Four phrases, each written in a bold color, are hard to miss. There’s a reason for that: each phrase is actually one of the core values of our company. Overall, they’re the ideals that we think should be easily visible to everyone who comes into contact with us.

These values were modeled after the idea that every client should be treated as you would treat your own Grandma if she was in charge of large energy spend. As a matter of fact, you can see a subtle image of a nice, elderly woman. This is actually the grandmother of Rapid Power Management president and founder JD Dodson. Dodson’s grandmother, who lived through this country’s Great Depression and served in the Women’s Army Corps during World War II, was always a source of inspiration to Dodson. Her way of simultaneously being a wise educator and a compassionate human being, helped inspire some of the values that Dodson has instilled in his company since its inception.

  • Professionalism Is a Way of Life.  We pride ourselves on having high standards of character for our employees. To be a Rapid Power Management team member is to “do the right thing” consistently and carry a professional attitude into all aspects of your life (as opposed to just during work hours). We want for our clients to view these qualities as practically synonymous with our company name.
  • Strive for Excellence.  It’s not enough to simply be “good” at what you do. Instead, we want to be great. And greatness requires a conscious effort to always be improving and innovating. Rapid Power Management is committed to ongoing education and cultivating our relationships with our clients; this mindset allows us to constantly broaden our horizons and rise above the competition.
  • That’s Why We Have Rapid in our Name.  Communication with our clients is a key to our success. We’re always taking customer feedback into consideration, whether it’s about the services we offer, how we handle requests, and the way we dispense information. Comments and criticism are processed quickly so that any necessary changes can be implemented as soon as possible. Overall, we’re firm believers in the idea of under-promising and over-delivering. At Rapid Power Management, the goal is never to just meet our clients’ expectations—we want to exceed them.
  • Good Will Means Many Things.  We strongly believe that giving back to the community is a moral obligation for every successful business. Support doesn’t always have to be monetary; people can make a positive difference by offering up their time and labor, as well. Rapid Power Management has supported a Meals on Wheels route for several years, and employees are encouraged to volunteer with this group every week. We also ask our employees about their favorite charities. The effect of this is two-fold: we’re given the opportunity to make annual donations to worthy causes, and the information about these groups that gets posted on our website helps raise awareness among our clientele.

Art is a subjective medium, and our mural is no exception. What meaning can be derived from our mural largely depends on the viewer.

For our clients, our mural represents our past, present and future trajectory. It might remind them why chose to do business with us and how we’re a progressive company. For us, the mural is a potent reminder of our history and our aspirations. From our past, we derive our values, and in turn, we use those values to determine how we move forward as a family.

In our minds, the mural is an iconic addition to our home, and can’t truly be done justice via pictures. The next time you find yourself in the DFW Metroplex, make sure to stop by our offices and get a closer look.

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