Jared Patterson Interviews with Energy Research Consulting Group

Jared Patterson Interviews with Energy Research Consulting Group

RPM viewed as leaders in deregulated energy markets!

Back in February, our own Jared Patterson gave an interview with the Energy Research Consulting Group. As our Director of Energy Services, Jared got to share “an insider’s perspective” on what sets RPM apart from the rest of the energy management industry. The full interview can be read on the official ERCG website, but here are some highlights:

  • Why Rapid Power Management was Founded
  • “At the beginning of deregulation [in Texas], RPM’s founder, JD Dodson, found a niche in the marketplace as a customer advocate. There weren’t many companies focused on the customer’s needs, but more so on the delivery, supply and dollars behind the deal…[T]he customer needed someone to help them make sense of it all. From the very beginning, we learned that combining energy procurement with demand-side services provided the most robust value in tune with our clients’ needs.”

  • The Roles that RPM Fills for Client Companies (and Why They Like Us So Much)
  • “Our clients view us as the Energy Management Department of their company. In-house, we can handle everything from energy procurement and predominant use studies to power factor correction and LED lighting retrofits…Our reputation, our brand, and our culture are very important to us…[E]very member of our team is highly educated and highly capable. Behind the scenes, we’ve invested heavily in the technology we use to serve our clients. This allows us to provide rapid, yet accurate, service with lower overhead costs. Our goals are less financially driven and more about building a great company with a valuable offering to our clients.”

  • What We Look For in Our Supplier Partners
  • “Our ideal REP is financially stable, trustworthy, and an educated partner with very competitive pricing and who makes it easy to transact. It’s also important that REPs keep us informed of any changes or client-based incentives so that we can fully educate the client about all of their options…Our clients deserve and expect an unbiased recommendation.”

  • How RPM Makes a Difference
  • “We strongly believe in giving back to the community and to the industry, [either] through direct relationships with charitable organizations like Meals on Wheels, or through industry groups like [The Energy Professionals Association] or [The Building Owners and Managers Association].

    Thanks for giving such a great interview, Jared! Summarizing everything that RPM does, is, and stands for in just a few paragraphs is tricky, but you managed to pull it off. Your interview will be an invaluable resource for our existing clients, our future clients, and anyone who has a vested interest in the energy industry.
    For more information about Rapid Power Management and the services that we offer, please visit our full website or contact us directly.

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