Oncor’s Transmission Cost Recovery Factor Increase

Oncor’s Transmission Cost Recovery Factor Increase

Oncor’s billing rates are made up of several different components. One of them, the Transmission Cost Recovery Factor or TCRF, is a charge passed through to all retail customers connected to Oncor’s transmission or distribution system. The charge is updated across each September and March and most customers will see a line item for this on their bill.

Invoice Example

In September 2013, the charge for customers with secondary, greater than 10 kW, IDR meters paid $2.778674 per 4CP kW. In March, the charge increased by 26.56% or nearly 74 cents. The most recent charge of $3.516757 per 4CP kW will likely increase again in September.

For larger customers, this could be a decent price increase on TDSP charges and/or power factor penalties.

See below for an example of how the charges have increased since March 2013:

TCRF Example

Please let us know if you have any additional questions around this increasing charge. Visit page 106 of the Oncor tariff to see how the charges have changed over the years.

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