Why RPM Emphasizes Corporate Social Responsibility

Why RPM Emphasizes Corporate Social Responsibility

“Corporate Social Responsibility”

This three-word phrase may seem a bit intimidating or puzzling to those who have never heard it before, but it simply refers to the idea that businesses of all sizes have a moral responsibility to conduct themselves in ways that benefit the society at large and the environment.

At Rapid Power Management, corporate social responsibility is a philosophy that we hold dear; it’s truly a way of life. Here are a couple of reasons why, as well as ways that we try to put it into practice:

meals on wheels

(1) “Good Will Means Many Things” is one of our core values

If you read our recent blog post about the new mural adorning one of the walls in our Dallas office, then this information probably is not “news” to you. In case you missed it, though, Rapid Power Management is a strong believer in giving back to the local community. The culture, values and people of the DFW Metroplex have enabled our business to thrive, so it seems only fair that we do what we can to improve life in the Metroplex.

RPM is a longtime supporter of Meals on Wheels, a non-profit organization that provides nutritious, ready-made meals to the elderly and infirm. Food is delivered directly to the recipients’ home, and one-on-one interaction with volunteers helps stave off the loneliness, boredom and potential safety issues that so often afflict housebound folks living alone. RPM’s contributions to Meals on Wheels are not just monetary; our employees are strongly encouraged to volunteer to deliver meals to the folks on “our” route. Doing this allows employees to truly make a difference in the lives of other people. And, perhaps best of all, volunteers get to see the fruits of their labor at the very moment that a meal recipient opens their front door!

 (2) At heart, we’re still a small business

Rapid Power Management was started by one person who saw an unmet need in a new industry—deregulated electrical power—and decided to take a risk. JD Dodson, our founder and president, wanted to enable companies to make smart, informed decisions about the energy providers that they utilize. Small businesses are essentially the backbone of industries in Dallas, Texas. Independent companies make up to about 80% of the total number of businesses in the city and employ about 40% of its workforce. And when folks think about small businesses, they frequently have a certain expectation of old-fashioned values and ethics. Even as RPM adds bigger-name companies to our list of clients (including Walmart and Georgia Pacific), we strive to never, ever lose sight of where we came from.

Companies—even small, independently owned and operated ones—can be a powerful force in this country, both socially and economically. And Rapid Power Management is one of many groups that sees corporate power as a means to help others.

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