A Moment in Time

Thank you for visiting our site as to learn a little about Rapid Power Management. To understand our culture and our values, is to understand the moment in time the picture represents.

That was me, JD Dodson, founder and President, at 18 years old in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico on an oil and gas production platform in 90 degree heat. Having to pay 100% of my college, this job enabled me to afford an education and propelled me forward in the world. The job itself pushed me to work hard, complain little and appreciate an education. I am proud to say that these values permeate our culture and have led to our focus of bringing value to our client base every day!

2002 Until Now

Texas Deregulation started in 2002 and spurred a need for a trusted energy advisor. Thus, the founding of Rapid Power Management. Our focus is to lower businesses energy spend by implementing the following services: energy procurement, power factor correction, power factor maintenance, lighting upgrades and engineering services.

We started in Texas, but today we represent many fortune 500 companies in almost every market in the United States.

Our Mission

“Educating Our Clients to Make Smarter Energy Decisions”

This mission is at the heart of our purpose of making corporations more energy efficient, thus creating better corporate citizens to the world we share.

Our Core Values

Core Value – Professionalism is a Way of Life
The commitment to doing things with professionalism, to doing things the right way, every time, is not limited by the 4 walls of our office, but is an embodiment of behavior anywhere and at any time. Our people meet this high moral standard with pride.

Core Value – Strive for Excellence
Knowing that “good” is not good enough, and that striving for greatness both as individuals and as a company is what we expect, and what our client should expect of us.

Core Value – That’s Why We Have Rapid in Our Name
Establish expectations, and then beat them! We put “Rapid” in our name, because we believe in setting that pace for superior service, in being there and having answers when they’re needed in as timely a manner as possible. This goes for all of our services.

Core Value – Goodwill Means Many Things
Goodwill is not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk. It is being socially responsible and serving our communities and society at large by dedicating our personal time and corporate resources to promote, support and grow the charities, organizations and efforts we believe in.


Below you will find a list of our experiences, services, and some of our clients who have utilized our products to attain their cost reduction goals:

Electricity/Gas Consulting

We act as your energy manager on staff by educating you and employing smart energy strategies for managing energy procurement.

  • A broad range of commercial, industrial, and institutional clients
  • Siemens Energy and Automation
  • Texas School Districts
  • Commercial Office Buildings
Power Factor Correction Systems

We eliminate hidden utility charges by implementing turn-key installations of capacitors.

Lighting and Demand Side Management
  • Complete Lighting Audits, Designs, and Retrofits (Manufacturing, Commercial, Schools, Parking Garages)
  • Energy Audits (Level 1 and Level 2)
  • Utility Rebate Programs
  • High Efficiency Motors, VFD’s, etc.
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