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Energy Procurement

You’ve navigated challenging economic times for years. You know your product or service better than just about anyone else. What if you put that same knowledge and effort of your particular expertise into strategically managing your energy costs?

Rapid Power Management is a foundational component of the dergulated electricity market having successfully navigated the marketplace since 2002. Our approach is simple: We believe the best consumer is an educated consumer, and we’re passionate about educating our clients to make smarter energy decisions. Just as iron sharpens iron, we partner with the some of the most successful businesses to strengthen strong companies.

“We were hammered with calls from energy brokers, but none had the scope of offerings that Rapid Power Management brought to the table. The myriad of services that have bought us real savings are: energy procurement partner, power factor correction, lighting upgrades, sales tax exemption and energy tax rebates. A true one-stop shop in energy management.”

Mark Richner, Plant Manager

“When we partnered with RPM, I knew our rates would be reduced because they educated us about the market and unique procurement strategies. What I didn’t realize was how capable their support team would be in addressing our needs. Not only have we enjoyed a 42% reduction in our rate, but we’ve saved countless hours leaning on RPM’s team to manage our growing business. One call or email to RPM and it’s handled!”

Sarah McCoy | Property Management Analyst, Commercial

“As a long-time client, our organization has averaged a little under $100K in annual energy savings. RPM’s automated Price Alert system has been one of the main tools in accomplishing this goal. I highly recommend RPM for your energy management partner as their proactive solutions are second to none.”

Mike Runyon, Plant Manager

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