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Engineering Services

Paying tax on your energy usage, having power quality issues in your facility or need an energy meter solution, Rapid Power Management can help.

Sales and Use Tax?

Many states give tax relief for energy taxes. The rules and protocols on how to realize the benefits vary, thus having RPM

Power Quality Issues?

Excessive motor failure, relay control problems, programmable logical control failure and ongoing shutdown of sensitive electronic equipment cause billions of dollars a year to industry in the US. The first step in finding a solution is to analyze the problem. Hire us to monitor, investigatge and delivery recommendations to end the waste.

Metering Solutions?

  • How can I bill back the new tenant in my building?
  • How can I control different facility operations like AC & Lightning?
  • How an I monitor my power quality?

The Answer: Smart Meters. Let RPM work with you on the best meter solution for your particular application.

“As our Energy Management Department, we naturally engaged RPM to look at one of our sites for sales tax exemption. The result was a six-figure annual savings from an investment with an ROI of less than a few months. Later, they petitioned the state and were able to recover about $180,000 in past sales taxes we had paid on our energy bills. Their team was professional and courteous with our staff and as knowledgeable as you’ll find in the industry. Thanks RPM for a job well done!”

Javier Candelaria | Controller
Fritz Industries, Inc.

“RPM did an outstanding job of handling our Predominant Use Study and Sales Tax Exemption processing. They also got us a nice refund! We use RPM across all our portfolio companies for energy consulting and provisioning.”

Marvin Karlow
Cimcon Finishing

“Our Retail Electric Provider was audited by the State Comptroller in 2011. As a result, they began charging us thousands of dollars in sales tax monthly. When we realized the change, we notified Rapid Power Management immediately so they could conduct a new study. They stopped the sales tax charges and recouped the taxes the state had already collected. We thank RPM for the rapid response.”

John R. Jernigan | Director of Business Development
Premier Technical Plastics

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