TEPA Partners with Habitat for Humanity

TEPA Partners with Habitat for Humanity

Morning Shift Volunteers – Photo was taken after building nearly all the walls for one home

The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA) donated $5,000 and spent a full day volunteering at the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity on Wednesday, October 4.  Jared Patterson, Director of Energy Services at Rapid Power Management, is the TEPA Outreach Committee Chair and organized the event.  This year’s event was the 2nd Annual Outreach day, following last year’s $3,000 donation plus volunteer work at the Houston Food Bank.

The Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity is one of only three locations nationally which has space to pre-fabricate and build the walls for homes.  It saves a full day onsite to have the walls completed before erecting the home.

A total of 29 TEPA members joined the morning or afternoon shifts.  Patterson shared, “We hammered nails, sawed wood and built almost all of the walls for one home.  In the afternoon, our volunteers painted inspirational messages and themes on particle board, which eventually gets covered up during the final stages of completing the home.” He continued, “However, the inspirational messages are visible to the family who will receive the home as well as the surrounding neighborhood for a period of time.”

Habitat for Humanity changes lives!  The program invests their time and money in a child, a family, in a city . . . in everyone’s future!  They provide decent housing and homeownership that improves health, increases children’s educational achievements and strengthens community ties.

Rapid Power Management is proud to emphasize corporate social responsibility and salutes the partnership with TEPA.  We think it’s reflective of our company values. We’re a small business that believes strongly in showing good will toward others, and we know that good will can mean things. No two companies are exactly alike, so it makes sense that there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to corporate philanthropy. But one thing remains consistent, no matter which industry you’re in: social responsibility programs can help your company, your employees, and the local community to thrive.

Rapid Power Management’s Katie Casse, Jared Patterson, and Crystal Renyer

Afternoon Shift Volunteers – Inspirational Artwork for Newly Built Homes






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