Texas Capacity Market Argument Shelved

Texas Capacity Market Argument Shelved

Dear Clients,


Your efforts have contributed to Texas staving off another layer of government.

Debate and talks around ERCOT implementing a capacity market have been halted. Commissioners Kenneth Anderson, Donna Nelson and Brandy Marty met Friday, February 21 to discuss resource adequacy and shifted their focus from capacity to alternative ways of crafting appropriate reserve margins.

Rapid Power Management thanks you for any effort put forth in contacting the commissioners either by phone call or email. We truly believe this is the best option for the ERCOT market –  we are in the clear for now, but it does not mean the issue won’t be considered again.

Click here for a short article on the matter. We will keep you informed of any new updates as they come.

Thank you,

The Rapid Power Management Team

/ Energy Buzz, Texas

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