Texas Power Consumers – Your Action is Needed!

Texas Power Consumers – Your Action is Needed!

If you agreed with RPM’s assessment of the current and future market situation in our last Energy Buzz, please take the time to write our commissioners. Below is an letter drafted for you to use. You may either directly mail your letter and/or email the commissioners individually.


Public Utility Commission of Texas

1701 N. Congress Avenue
PO Box 13326
Austin, Texas 78711-3326


Re: Petition Against the Introduction of a Capacity Market in ERCOT


Dear Commissioners,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my company, (your company name), its employees, and our partners. As a Texas power consumer, it is my belief that the implementation of a capacity market would be a large mistake for the ERCOT grid.

Using other capacity markets like PJM as an example, it is clear that the regulations will raise the price of electricity. Texas leads the nation in economic success and job creation and those high rates will in turn burden the current prosperity of the Texas economy. As John Farris with Nucor Steel stated, “there is no need to abandon the current market structure that has powered our state’s economy during the recent recession.”

Additionally, there is no guarantee that a capacity market will prevent rolling blackouts during extreme weather demands or spur new generation growth in our state. These seem to be the main arguments for a capacity market but ERCOT remains the only grid to never have experienced collapse and PJM has actually seen less new generation built than Texas.

Our current energy-only market has provided sufficient reserves year after year. Capacity markets are not the answer and I urge you to keep my and other citizens’ opinions in mind before making a decision.


(Your Name)


PUC Chairs
Name Phone Email
Donna Nelson 512-936-7015 donna.nelson@puc.texas.gov
Kenneth Anderson 512-936-7005 kenneth.anderson@puc.texas.gov
Brandy Marty 512-936-7025 brandy.marty@puc.texas.gov

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