The Human Solution Reduces Carbon Footprint

The Human Solution Reduces Carbon Footprint

The Human Solution, an ergonomic office furniture dealer located in Austin, TX, is working to reduce their carbon footprint via LED technology. The company plans to eliminate the use of any traditional lighting in their warehouse and retrofit with LED bulbs/fixtures.

The fixtures, provided by Rapid Power Management, are improving the employee work environment and bring a 64% reduction in electricity use versus traditional lighting fixtures.


“Replacing our old fixtures with new LED fixtures have markedly improved our workplace environment,” said Bryce Bowerman, Operations Director for The Human Solution. “We’ve seen gains in worker morale and productivity due to an improved ambiance and a significant reduction in worker errors due to sight clarity.”

As a company focused on optimizing work environments The Human Solution is definitely practicing what they preach. They help customers find products and tools based on ergonomic principles that offer daily comfort and support.

If interested in the products and services that The Human Solution offers, please contact them at or 512-697-9330. Their website also offers a wealth of information!

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