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Rapid Power becomes the trusted energy advisor to your team. We track, educate, and keep you informed about your power contracts while always providing specialized aftercare.


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We understand you’d love to have a reliable partner to advise you on your procurement and sustainability goals so you can get on with your busy schedule, and never worry about how your energy costs fit within your risk profile.

Rapid Power is your established financial advisor in energy procurement and sustainability goals – with an analytical mind and years of risk-management experience. We look at your energy bill as a story, factor in your history and future, and create a plan to help you make best decisions about when and how to purchase your energy, giving you peace of mind that you’re getting the smartest deal for your business needs.

We communicate and empower our customers to make the best decisions about their energy costs through education, guidance, and expert insight. We are the energy expert on your team to help educate you to make better energy decisions.


History & Vision

Rapid Power Management is not only a proactive and expert energy advisor for your business.

As your guide, we continually engage in a proactive study of the market and trends on the horizon. We look at market prices to understand how to purchase and when to purchase so you can save money in the long run with a personalized plan.

At Rapid Power Management, we strive for professionalism, rapidity, excellence, and goodwill. Our core values ensure we customize what we do for your individual business.

They also ensure we work hard and eliminate issues before they arise while always being compassionate in the process.



Services & Solutions

Take control of your energy procurement costs and sustainability
initiatives with a Rapid Power Energy Expert on your team.


We act as your Energy Management Department – helping you make informed decisions to reduce risk and drive down costs on your electricity and natural gas contracts.


If you’re in a deregulated area, you have the ability to choose your electricity and/or natural gas provider. Partner with us to shop for the lowest rates and most reliable retailers.


When you’re equipped with the right information and data, you can make smarter energy decisions. RPM can help.


What Makes Us a Trusted Advisor

See why 4Front Entrematic chose RPM as their
trusted adviser in Power Factor Correction.

See why companies across
America love RPM.

Simply submit your latest bill or energy contract, and we’ll do the rest.
After reviewing, we’ll reach out within 24 hours to fill you in on your savings opportunities.


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